Trapani & Erice

di Gaetano Basile
Palermitano doc, è giornalista ed autore di testi teatrali, ma anche enogastronomo appassionato e narratore avvincente.
Ha alle spalle un’intensa attività giornalistica televisiva come divulgatore di tutto ciò che è cultura siciliana.





TRAPANI – it means the sea, its three harbours, the Giudecca Palace, the “misteri” procession, the Ligny tower.

And it is also fish, much fish: tuna and its derivatives, from bottarga, a salted and pressed dry roe, to marinated tuna, from lobster to morays…  A city that smells of couscous and spices, saffron and fried food, basil and tomatoes, among corals, artisan shops, many delicious ice-cream and huge “cannoli”.

Discover the city’s most intimate treasures at Pepoli Museum. And don’t miss a chance to taste a real halal or kasher couscous in an alley where you will also find a small and wonderful palace from the fifteenth-century. Continue the itinerary with a visit to Erice and experience the sublime pleasure of the pastries at Maria Grammatico’s. Enjoy a walk around the narrow streets, even better if there is some fog.

A day trip to Erice and Trapani with the company of an excellent commentator.



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