From Porta Felice to Porta dei Greci |Walking Tour

di Gaetano Basile
Palermitano doc, è giornalista ed autore di testi teatrali, ma anche enogastronomo appassionato e narratore avvincente.
Ha alle spalle un’intensa attività giornalistica televisiva come divulgatore di tutto ciò che è cultura siciliana.





Enjoy a walk from Porta Felice, an old city gate dating back to the 16th century, to the Kalsa “Al Halisah”, the arab cittadella located outside the city gate which is several thousand of years old.

Walk along the “Mure delle Cattive” (captivae-vedove), built in the 16th century, among baroque terraces, giant trees and the sea, go along Tomasi di Lampedusa’s house until you reach Porta dei Greci. Here you will find the old system of longs that were lowered against the Saracens. And here is where the italian word “Saracinesca”, meaning a “shutter”, comes from. And you will also find three 17th century churches by Giacomo Amato in less than 300 metres and then end up in between street food stalls selling “panelle” and “frittole”.

A concept journey in one of the oldest and most lively areas of the old city.




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